Well-Spas Duo Seat Expand

Well-Spas Duo Seat


Dimensions: 150 x 200 x 79 cm
Max. 3 Personnes

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Places assises: 2
Liège: 1
Dimensions: 150 x 200 x 79 cm
Volume d'eau: env. 625 litres
Poids net: environ 240 kg
Poids à vide: 865 kg
Alimentation: 220-240V 50 Hz 16/32 A
Puissance de chauffage: 3 KW
Lumière: 12V 12W 12W
Pompe de circulation: 250W>> pompe de circulation
Pompe de massage: 2.5 HP
Système et affichage: Balboa
Système d'ozone: Balboa
Système de filtration: Filtre à filtre écrémé à montage par le haut

Jet de massage: 29
Cascade: 1
Ventilateur: 1
Oreiller: 1
Spa Shell: Acrylique ARISTECH
Veste thermique
(Toutes les informations sont sujettes à des différences liées au fabricant


Our new Jacuzzi

We called into the showroom on the Wednesday after Christmas 2016. Having chosen the jacuzzi the wanted and agreed a price (which was very reasonable), it was agreed that staff from the showroom would visit our home the next day to take measurements etc. Staff arrived on Thursday as planned and advised on the placement of the jacuzzi on our pool terrace. On friday morning our new jacuzzi arrived and was put in place by a crane (our villa is on a mountain and not easy to access). An electrician wired up the jacuzzi to the villa whilst we were instructed on how to use our new toy. Once filled with water it was switched on and started to heat up. By saturday late afternoon we were able to enjoy our spa in the late afternoon sun. Just 4 days from ordering we were actually using our new jacuzzi !!! Fantastic service from all the staff at Wellnesspark. We would recommend them highly

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Well-Spas Duo Seat

Well-Spas Duo Seat


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