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Waterflex WR3


The new FamilyBike

The new aquabike WR3 (evolution of the Family Bike) combines seductive design, technical innovations to simplify its use, a redesigned ergonomics, all with a popular lightness.

More details

We support you in planning, to find the best line-up place, to make the structure and the installation as simple as possible. We take care of the best and most beautiful solution for you.

The modularity of the settings provides a variety of positions that improves comfort and feel in respect of the joints. Biomechanics pedaling is respected to adjust his training exercises and constraints of each of the templates (see Innovation ERGO RIDE). You work in safety.


Material 100% in stainless steel AISI 316L marine quality
Finish Brushed steel with anti-corrosion treatment
Resistance Unchangeable resistance thanks to the design of the pedal Aquaspeed 2
Saddle Perforated PVC, anatomical design, seating comfort & easy maintenance
Crank Stainless ball bearings and sealing rings
Pedals Slip EVA, ideal for barefoot
Handlebar Ergonomic design with anti-scratch protection handles
Adjustable Height and depth of the handlebars and saddle in front and rear of encroachments
Wheels Ball bearing on white wheels anti-scratch, easy movement
Stability White skates & stability of anti-scratch protection
Coating Suitable for all surfaces (liner, PVC tiles, shell, polyester ...)
Water Type Suitable for thermal waters, seawater and chlorinated water
Suitable for thermal waters, seawater and chlorinated water Suitable for thermal waters, seawater and chlorinated water
Weight 18.5 kg
Dimensions L 55 x l 95 x H 155 cm (max)
Depth 1,10 m to 1,50 m
Garantie 3 years for the metal structure, 6 months wear parts

10 Reasons for training in water

1.- increase the efficiency of the heart and circulation
Compared to the same load "on land" training is twice as efficient by the water resistance. By the buoyancy of this increased effort is hardly felt.

2.-toning legs
The water resistance affects all muscles, thus ensuring a holistic building muscle. Through the principles of the type of force (concentric) arises NO soreness during training in the water.

3.-zero load
Due to the buoyancy effect of the water, the movements are very gentle - ideal for injuries or joint problems and obesity.

4.- weight reduction
By the water resistance of fat metabolism is also so heavily promoted twice, and up to 800 Kcal per hour are burned

5.- improve breathing
Training with increased humidity increases the breathing capacity.

6.- anti-cellulite effect
In addition, through the continuous underwater massage training have a firming effect on abdominal, legs and buttocks.

7.- prevention of varicose veins and venous disease
The water pressure compensated and increases circulation and venous return - ideal for varicose veins.

8.- improving blood circulation
The hydrostatic water pressure in conjunction with the contact increases the blood circulation and significantly effective against the symptoms of tired legs.

9.- Refreshing effort
By sweating body cools the water and regulates the temperature better, so that the efficiency is higher, even for beginners. Due to the temperature regulation in the water you do not realize almost that you train intensely.

10.- fun
A POOL BIKING group lesson is an exercise with fun for everyone to the rhythm of music.

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Waterflex WR3

Waterflex WR3


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