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Water care complete



We support you in planning, to find the best line-up place, to make the structure and the installation as simple as possible. We take care of the best and most beautiful solution for you.

Total Blue 20 gr. tablets - 1KG

  • slowly soluble 20 g multifunctional tablet for continuous dosing
  • for disinfection and against algae growth
  • Effective against fungi, viruses and organic turbidity
  • Aquamarine for crystal clear water
  • pH-neutral for all water hardnesses
  • Residue-free dissolution
  • Application: Continuous dosing

Hardness stabilizer liquid, 1.00 l

  • to reduce lime precipitation
  • reduces limescale deposits
  • Prevention of water turbidity
  • existing metal ions are bound

Test strips - 50 pcs.

Test Stripes - For measuring ultrashock, alkalinity and pH.

You can also measure the chlorine content with the Ultrashock value.

Aqua Super Soft

For super soft water

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Water care complete

Water care complete


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