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Infrared emitter


Infrared radiator in the sauna for retrofitting

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We support you in planning, to find the best line-up place, to make the structure and the installation as simple as possible. We take care of the best and most beautiful solution for you.

From the sauna to an infrared cabin

By installing a Thera-Med deep heat radiator you can turn your sauna into a modern infrared cabin. You can then still as usual sweat in the sauna and beyond enjoying the effect of deep heat.

Why do you build up an infrared radiator in the sauna one?

An infrared radiator covers full spectrum compared to the heater (only infrared C) the entire infrared spectrum (infrared-A, -B and -C). The heat penetrates gently and carefully until the a subcutaneous tissue, with all the pleasant effects on your health. One sweats quasi from inside to outside and not in response to the high temperatures of the outside air - as is the case in the sauna.

A deep heat radiator does not heat the air as strong as a stove, but acts directly on the body. This is especially for the elderly or circulatory labile human of advantage.

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Infrared emitter

Infrared emitter


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