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Master Spas Swim Spa Momentum

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H2X Trainer 19 Master Spas


Stream Flow ™ counter-current
4 high-performance floating nozzle
~ 587 x 239 x 132 cm

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We support you in planning, to find the best line-up place, to make the structure and the installation as simple as possible. We take care of the best and most beautiful solution for you.

The H2X Swim Spa Trainer 19 comes with four powerful water pumps powering the Flow Stream Swim Jets, seven water falls and 48 water jets.

The H2X Swim Spa Trainer 19 is the complete Swim spa and hot tub set up. You will benefit from being able to exercise every day, whether it be swimming or the optional underwater treadmill and exercise bike. Enjoy the relaxing 7.722 litre capacity and submerge into a gorgeous warm hot tub to ease the stresses of the day and feel any muscle aches and joint pains disappear as the water supports your entire body weight, leaving you to fully relax and recover. Other features include four water falls, 48 high performing water jets powered by four pumps as well as two Xtreme Therapy Seats and one Xtreme Therapy Cove all offer you a full hydrothermal massage therapy for your back, legs and hips.

Features Include

  • Sleek, European-inspired styling allows for a smoother swimming experience
  • Seating for 3 persons
  • 4 Flow Stream Jets with adjustable controls
  • 1 Xtreme Therapy Seat
  • 1 Xtreme Therapy Cove
  • 1 Waterfall
  • 6 water fountains
  • Aquatic Exercise System
  • Low Maintenance
  • One of the most energy efficient swim spas (requires only 50 amp supply)

Technical specifications

  • External dimensions: 587 x 238 x 130 cm
  • Empty weight: 1116 kg
  • Water content: 7722 liters
  • Drive System: 3 jet counter current system
  • Pumps: 3 Master Power ™ Massage pumps.
  • Nozzles: 48 Hydro Power ™ jets
  • Waterfall: 1
  • Swim Pro Bracket: Standard
  • LED lighting: Standard
  • Ozone system: standard

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Master Spas Swim Spa Momentum

Master Spas Swim Spa Momentum


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