Swimming pool covers, solar pool cover Expand

Swimming pool covers, solar pool cover


Swimming pool covers, solar pool cover

We offer different types of pool covers, with the target to enjoy longer the pool season, to save water and heating costs and to reduce pollution of the swimmming pool.

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We support you in planning, to find the best line-up place, to make the structure and the installation as simple as possible. We take care of the best and most beautiful solution for you.

To protect your own swimming pool from contamination, you should always use a pool cover. This saves you costs for pool cleaning, because especially in the garden falling leaves or flowers contaminate the water. The pool hood is also ideal for protecting children and pets to prevent accidents.

Here's a selection of our pool covers:

Pool roll cover, premium protection

Pool cover for the winter

Polyethylene summer tarpaulins

Solar tarpaulin, protects and warms

Our service will advise you on all questions of pool cover. This concerns the size and the special design, so that you can protect your pool optimally. Particularly in the case of absence and in winter, adequate protection is particularly important to avoid major contamination and damage. The winter tarpaulin protects against environmental influences and makes spring cleaning easier. Also in summer it is advisable to use a pool cover in order to reduce costs for pool cleaning. In addition, heat loss is reduced and you save energy costs.

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Swimming pool covers, solar pool cover

Swimming pool covers, solar pool cover


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