Master Spas LSX 700 Expand

Master Spas LSX 700

Master Spas Master Spas


4-5 people
~ 214 x 214 x 96.5 cm
62 massage nozzles + 2 Master Blaster

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  • 20KM distance from Showroom
  • 50KM distance from Showroom
  • 100KM distance from Showroom
  • 150KM distance from Showroom
  • 200KM distance from Showroom
  • up to 500km from Showroom
  • Pick up in Store!

We support you in planning, to find the best line-up place, to make the structure and the installation as simple as possible. We take care of the best and most beautiful solution for you.

The LSX EVOLUTION keeps what its looks promise! Ergonomically adapted to the human body sets, the uncompromising LSX multi massage & therapy concept, with all its unique massage and therapy options, make the LSX EVOLUTION for true all-rounder. The LSX EVOLUTION has been specially developed to meet the high demand for hot tubs meet with the LSX Multi-Seat ™ therapy, even in this more compact exterior dimensions. Equipped with Steel Box ™ steel frame and single-user controls has the Whirlpool LSX EVOLUTION 51 Hydro Power ™ jets, powered by 3 Master Power ™ Massage Pump with 2 hp.

AquaLight Aqua Light™ LED light therapy
With the Aqua Light ™ LED light therapy advances Master Spas ™ hydrotherapy for you in a completely new light. the latest LED technology can shine alternately in six different colors, the surface and the water line of your whirlpools. partly illuminated waterfalls, water balls, neck pillow, cup holders, air and pump controller round here from the soothing colors in perfect harmony.
LSX LSX Multi-Therapy Seat
The LSX Multi-Therapy Seat ™ is one of the most remarkable massage seats on the spa market. Up to 22 therapuetisch perfectly placed Krystal Power ™ high-end massage jets, by its own powerful 2PS Master Power ™ Massgepumpe driven, massage back, pelvis, some calves, hands and arms reliably. The large lateral jets can also be adjusted to produce the This a water vortex with your abdomen is massaged.
AquaPressure Aqua Pressure™ back massages
Let yourself be equipped on one of the infinitely adjustable back massage seats with various specially-placed Silver Surf ™ Premium massage nozzles in stainless steel design, indulge in a pleasant and relaxing hydrotherapy. This solves all your tensions and is a boon for the entire back area.
StressRelief Stress Relief™ Shoulder & Neck Massage
The Stress Relief ™ shoulder and neck massage with patented Master Force ™ magnetic therapy and six direct, individually and infinitely adjustable Silver Surf ™ Premium massage jets equipped arranged therapeutically targeted in the shoulder and neck height, massages your tense shoulder and neck muscles exactly where you need it most.
masterForce Master Force™ Reflexology
A good Reflexology clearly influenced positively the activity and health of many of your internal organs. The Master Dome ™ Reflexology equipped with up to five direct and adjustable Silver Surf ™ Premium massage jets, makes tired feet kicking and brings your circulation really going.
masterBlaster Master Blaster™ Foot Reflexology Massages
Who knows the benefits of foot reflexology, not want to miss the unique Master Blaster™ foot Reflexology massagewith up to 28 individual jets in a jacuzzi. With the Master Blaster ™ foot Reflexology massage belong to tired and aching feet the past. The well-being is made up from the feet to your whole body away and lets you find your inner balance
MasterLounge Master Lounge ™ Full Body massage table
The infinitely adjustable, ergonomically shaped lounge Master ™ full-body massage table whirlpool of Clarity comfort series with back massage, lower leg and foot reflexology is not only exceptionally comfortable but also guarantees you every single day complete relaxation and rejuvenating massage moments.
HydroPower Hydro Power™ & Aqua Glow™ Two-zone high-end massage jets
With the perfectly adapted to the human connective tissue Hydro Power ™ Dual-zone high-end massage jets, with modern stainless steel graphite design advances Master Spas® hydrotherapy for you to a whole new level. Enjoy the ultimate in hydrotherapy, while the optimally lit with the latest LED technology Aqua Glow ™ nozzle body shine alternately in different colors.


Technical Highlights

  • Color light system: Aqua Light™
  • Ozone system: Pure Flow™
  • Injector system: Mazzei®
  • Reactor system: Flash™
  • Heating system: Eco Heat™
  • Circulations system: Laing®
  • Filtrations system: Eco Pur™
  • Control system: Set and Forget™
  • Nozzle system: Hydro Power™
  • Pump system: Master Power™
  • Foam system: Icynene®
  • Isolation system: Polar Wrap™
  • Frame system: Hybrid Frame™
  • Siding: Dura Master™ Dream Stone
  • Acryl tub: Aristec® Sterling Silver
  • Insulating cover: Master Cover™


  • Massage seats: 4
  • Waterfalls: 2
  • Massage pumps: 3 + 1 Zirk
  • Massage jets: 62 + 2 Master Blaster™
  • Secondary Remote: - 
  • Water capacity: approx. 1600l
  • Weight empty / filled: cabout 400 kg / 2000kg
  • Dimensions: ~214 x 214 x 96.5cm
Energy Efficient

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Master Spas LSX 700

Master Spas LSX 700


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